The Beginning

If you’re reading this then thank you for joining us at this point in time. This is not only our first blog post but also the start of a new series of posts we call “TBH-ing.” The idea is to be super transparent about things going on with GymB, with the hope that users will be able to better connect with us. This might be a little longer than future posts (the main point of the article starts at: “What makes us different”).


So, many of you are probably aware of the abundant amount of reward systems that are out there. Whether it be credit towards the next purchase of frozen yogurt or even just social video game like points for online digital profiles (i.e likes etc). Most of us would like to earn some special benefit from completing a task consistently enough. The key word being “consistently” or as many other brands may call it “loyalty.” This is a game of quantity in which brands hope to attain customers over a longer stretch of time even if that means their average purchase is discounted.

Now, let’s add the fitness industry to the equation with particular emphasis on gyms. The traditional business model for a fitness center is probably one of the most pretentious things you will see today. In other words, they literally bank on people signing up and not really showing up. They know the research about gym attendance and they plan for it. 

There are some exceptions to this such as the new trend in boutique/studio classes which cap the amount of individuals allowed per class. The drawback however, is that these classes tend to be a whole lot more expensive than the traditional membership. The same thing goes for personal training programs. To be clear, we do promote both of these things.

With that being said, there just didn’t seem to be a good enough rewards system for the traditional gym. Sure some may have point systems but how long is it going to take you to earn that OLED TV? Can’t get that? Why not just use your points on this refreshing bottle of spring water or stylish cheap shirt with our logo on it?

What about those apps that reward users for running and just taking steps? Yeah those are a lot better if ALL you like to do is run and take steps. So this is where we saw an opportunity to hopefully build something that specifically encourages physical gym attendance. We wanted to construct a platform that is opposite to the traditional gym model, one that earns only if its’ users do as well. 

What makes us different:

  1. We don’t display credit points but rather dollars so that it’s more clear what is earned and what can be redeemed etc.

  2. We offer a greater amount of credit back monthly than most other apps (step all you want).

  3. We don’t just offer generic products and we listen to suggestions. A lot of you have already noticed the “suggest an item” button.

The hope and experiment right now is with our online store. Think of it this way, a lot of places launch reward systems AFTER they establish a store, we’re doing the opposite. In other words, we developed the rewards systems first and are now building the store based on user suggestions and other data.

This leads us to the main point of this article and the TBH of today: GymB is a passion infused startup that aims to generate income from helping gym-goers keep going. However, TBH we can’t just give everyone gift cards….We also can’t keep giving everyone free shipping, nor can we let the total of every product be brought down to a buck. If we continue like this then we may end up like a certain not to be named app (hint: it gave people daily movie passes for a monthly fee). 

So in order to be more practical and balanced, we will need to test out the store in new ways. Gift cards, free shipping and premium brands will certainly stay but in different forms. For instance, we may offer free shipping on a certain amount purchased or cap the amount of credit that can be applied towards a product. You may have noticed our “special bundles” section in the store that couples gift cards with other items. We’re saying all this upfront instead of burying it in some document because we want our position to be understood.

We only launched publicly 2 month ago (03/2019) and so right now we’re still trying to figure out our direction. We’re not a large faceless corporation, nor are we located in silicon valley (HQ is Tampa, FL). Our funding is mostly bootstrapped and most of us involved have more than one major role. If you do like what we’re doing do or have any suggestions do let us know! Just like we hope this app motivates your gym attendance, positive feedback encourages us to keep on developing.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this and be on the lookout for future posts!

Peace and Happy Earning!

- GymB Team