How The Store Works

So you’ve already earned some credit from checking-in on the app. Cool! The next step is to redeem the amount through purchases in the online store. 

Types of goods: 

Most of the products in the store are items meant to help you continue on your fitness journey. These could be supplements (pre-workout/protein) or gear like water bottles, bags etc. The idea is to keep you focused with rewards relative to your fitness goals. We don’t think it would be very helpful to you or us to offer items that would detract from the theme.

TBH: Gift cards if offered will most likely be bundled with other items. It’s not that we don’t trust you to use the card on health & fitness stuff but that it’s actually not cheap to offer. Think of us like an online store with a crazy cool rewards program, we have to build it up with actual products. Also no, your gym isn’t the one giving you guys credit (we are).



The amount a certain item will cost depends on how much credit is allowed to be applied. Some products may be qualified to cut the original price right in half while others may be less. 

For Example: Let’s say you want to buy a certain 2 pound bottle of protein supplement that is listed for $30. You see that the amount of credit allowed can bring the price of the item all the way down to $17. This is indicated in the top right corner picture of the product. What this means is that you can use UP to $13 of earned credit on this item, bringing the purchase price to $17! If you have less than that amount earned then that is what would be applied ($5 credit would drop the price to $25). 



Just like other stores FREE shipping will be offered as a promotion. This may depend on the total purchase amount or even just the item being bought. If there is an additional cost for shipping then it will be mentioned on the checkout screen.


Apple Pay is required in order to be able to successfully checkout. Why? So that we don’t have to store credit card related information. We actually don’t even have to store your shipping address either since that’s also provided. Security is important and so if the info isn’t needed then you shouldn’t have to give it out.


Once $60 in credit is accumulated, then a user MUST redeem some in order to continue using the app. This is done in order to encourage users to redeem through the store when they can.