Should you use GymB?

TBH this app is not going to be for everyone and we’re cool with that! How will you know? If more than one of the following traits applies to you then you’re what we would consider an ideal user:

  • You actually want to go to the gym to workout.

  • You already purchase fitness related items whether it be supplements or apparel etc.

  • You use tech to help facilitate your workouts. This could mean trackers, apps and so on.

  • You want to earn what you get not simply be given hand outs.

Does any of that sound like you? If so, then you should start using GymB to keep on going! 

On another note, if you fall into any of the following then this app is DEFINITELY not for you:

  • You don’t want to earn, you just want to take.

  • Your gym membership is just for social purposes.

  • You don’t understand the nutritional aspects of being healthy.

  • You don’t like sharing beneficial things with others.

TBH we’re not interested in whiny entitled users, this is a partnership. So if you want someone to invest in your fitness journey, we’re right here. 


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