Hey There!

It’s been about 5 months since we launched GymB and the response has been fantastic. So much so that we actually decided to slow down the amount of new users we take in. The main reason for this is so that we can have more time to fully develop our business plan going forward. We’ve already brought some changes such as capped credit and different categories but we’re still not quite where we need to be. 

With that said, we’re looking for individuals interested in joining us on our adventure! Specifically those with experience in e-commerce related matters. Although, knowledge in other areas does not hurt! 

Why us?

  • We already have a product.

  • Fast user growth when actively marketing (users in all 50 states within the first 2 weeks)

  • This has the potential to make a difference in the Fitness Industry. Especially as it relates to retention in gym memberships.

  • Equity!

To learn more, please reach out to us directly at