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 Learn how to sell to fitness centric folks around town.

If it’s Health & Wellness related then we want to showcase it!



GymB is about motivating users to hit fitness centers by rewarding them for doing so. The credit earned is redeemed through the online store in the app. Sellers like you can offer services that allow credit to be used towards the actual purchase.


Earned Discounts

This is an opportunity to build new customers and give more to consistent ones. You’re making it clear how much of a discount can be applied while offering your service to a fitness centric demographic. Keep in mind the price reduction is earned by the user and not simply given as a coupon. Payment for services are handled on site at the location of business.

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Simple and to the point


get paid

Users redeem through the mobile app at the place of business. This means you get paid right away in person!


zero fees

We’re in a startup phase so we currently don’t charge ANY fees for our service! This is in order to get more businesses like yours to try it out.


SET the cap

Discount your products whatever price you desire. There are currently no minimums!


Spas | Health Food Markets | Juices & Smoothies | Personal Training | Fitness Programs | Nutritionists and More!



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